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millboard composite decking

Introducing Millboard’s new generation of innovative anti-slip and maintenance-free external flooring. It looks as beautiful and warm as natural timber, but with no wood content. Made in the United Kingdom, with a unique blend of polymer resin and fibres it is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber. With a 25 year residential warranty, Millboard’s innovative resilient, hard wearing boards are the perfect choice for your project.

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millboard composite decking

Millboard composite decking is styled from real oak timbers, creating an incredible realistic look that captures the natural beauty of wood.

Unlike traditional timber, which needs regular ongoing maintenance like oiling and sanding to try and stave off rotting, mould, stains, warping, cupping, fading, splinters and a host of other undesirable effects, Millboard is totally different!

reasons to choose millboard

  • made using eco-friendly materials maintenance free, requires no upkeep
  • highly anti-slip in the wet
  • r11 does not rot, splinter or warp
  • does not host algae growth
  • UV weather stable
  • resistant to food, drink, chlorine stains as it’s non porous
    intricate natural woodgrain detail
  • invisible ‘lost head’ fixing
  • wide choice of colours
  • no static issue as with other composites

Seven distinctive colours to choose from.

frequently asked questions

Where can I use Millboard?

Millboard is extremely versatile and can be used in practically every outdoor space. Create decks, balconies, roof gardens, boardwalks, bridges, pontoons, seating, steps, planters and more.

Do I need to seal Millboard?

No, all Millboards are surface sealed in the factory to ensure they arrive in premium condition. In the first few weeks of use, rainwater will sit on the surface in globules, but don’t worry – this is normal and will stop once the temporary surface seal breaks down.

Does Millboard mark?

The Lastane® finish is highly resistant lo scratches and food and drink stains and every day wear and tear. Sharp objects such as unprotected table or chair legs, spiked shoes or metal planter bases can leave marks if dragged across the surface, so take care when moving these items around. The risk of marking from strong dyes and stains such as berries and animal droppings will be reduced if removed as soon as possible.

How do I clean Millboard?

Because Millboard is made of non-porous composite, it resists mossy build-up and stains, so needs very little maintenance. To remove spills and marks, simply use a mild detergent and a cloth. Just steer clear of solvents, chemicals and abrasive cleaners that could damage your Millboard – and there’s normally no need for pressure washing.

What if it snows or is icy?

A small amount of granulated white salt can be used lo keep your Millboard ice-free. Please don’t use rock salt, as this contains clay and grit and can be abrasive. When winter’s over, clean the surface with soapy water and a soft broom.

Does Millboard come with a Warranty?

For more information go to:

Is Millboard anti-slip?

Yes, in BS79.76 slip resistance tests, all styles of Millboard achieve one of the highest anti-slip ratings, even in wet conditions.

Are Millboard colours consistent?

As with all flooring, we advise buying all the Millboard you need at the same time to help ensure that the colour is as consistent as possible. If you don’t order all your Millboard at once, you can blend different batches to create only subtle variation throughout your space.

Can Millboard be cut just like wood?

Millboard can be cut with standard saw blades, although we recommend a carbon-tipped, multi-purposed chop saw. As the formed end of the board is lost when cut, these can be placed in less visual areas against a wall or edging profile. Matching Touch-up Coating for exposed ends is available to buy separately.

enhanced grain facia (standard)

enhanced grain facia (standard)

enhanced grain facia (flexible)

bullnose edge (standard)

enhanced grain

bullnose edge (flexible)

millboard accessories

Millboard Decking Accessories

Complete your deck with the perfect finishing touches. 150mm Millboard Bullnose Boards continue the stunning wood grain right round the edge allowing you to create gorgeous mitred borders, pool coping, comfortable bench seating or leading stair treads. Designed to provide extra resistance for high wear points and are available in all colours. For a sharper look we have the 50mm Square Edging available and for curves there is our special flexible 50mm Bullnose Edging. For screening you can use the Decking boards or check out our thinner Fascia boards available in matching colours to compliment the rest of your Millboard decking.

bullnose step edging & fascia boards

Millboard Golden Bullnose Board

150mm bullnose boards

Size: 150mm (wide) x 32mm (thick) x 3200mm (long)
Style: Rounded Bullnose
Colors: Coppered Oak, Smoked Oak, Limed Oak, Jarrah, Carbonised Charred, Golden Oak, Brushed Basalt, Driftwood and Embered
Millboard 50mm Square Edge

50mm square edging

Size: 50mm (wide) x 32mm (thick) x 3200mm (long)
Style: Square with Pencil Round
Colors: Coppered Oak, Smoked Oak, Limed Oak, Jarrah, Carbonised Charred, Golden Oak, Brushed Basalt, Driftwood and Embered
Millboard Bullnose Profiles

millboard installation resources

For diagrams showing how to install the Bullnose Boards, Square Edging or Fascia download the spec sheets above.

Please contact us if you would like advice on Installation or Design at our contact page here.

Millboard Fascia Profiles

146mm fascia boards

Size: 146mm (wide) x 16mm (thick) x 3200mm (long)
Colors: Coppered Oak, Smoked Oak, Limed Oak, Jarrah, Carbonised Charred, Golden Oak, Brushed Basalt, Driftwood and Embered
Golden Oak Millboard

millboard golden oak

Coppered Oak Millboard

millboard coppered oak

millboard fixings

MILFX4550 4.5 Gauge 50mm DuraFix Stainless Steel (Box of 250)
MILFX4560 4.5 Gauge 60mm DuraFix Stainless Steel (Box of 250)

No Pre-Drilling. No Counter-Sinking. Millboard features a unique “Lost Head” hidden fixing. Simply screw in the special DuraFix Stainless Steel Screws and the Lastane material will close over the top of the screw head – leaving behind a virtually indistinguishable mark and for a cleaner finish that couldn’t be easier.

Don’t believe it? Check out the video!

Millboard DuraFix Screws

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