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composite decking

millboard composite decking

Introducing Millboard’s new generation of innovative anti-slip and maintenance-free external flooring. It looks as beautiful and warm as natural timber, but with no wood content. Made in the United Kingdom, with a unique blend of polymer resin and fibres it is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber. With a 25 year residential warranty, Millboard’s innovative resilient, hard wearing boards are the perfect choice for your project.

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millboard composite decking

Millboard composite decking is styled from real oak timbers, creating an incredible realistic look that captures the natural beauty of wood.

Unlike traditional timber, which needs regular ongoing maintenance like oiling and sanding to try and stave off rotting, mould, stains, warping, cupping, fading, splinters and a host of other undesirable effects, Millboard is totally different!

Seven distinctive colours to choose from.

reasons to choose millboard

  • made using eco-friendly materials maintenance free, requires no upkeep
  • highly anti-slip in the wet
  • r11 does not rot, splinter or warp
  • does not host algae growth
  • UV weather stable
  • resistant to food, drink, chlorine stains as it’s non porous
    intricate natural woodgrain detail
  • invisible ‘lost head’ fixing
  • wide choice of colours
  • no static issue as with other composites

enhanced grain facia (standard)

enhanced grain facia (standard)

enhanced grain facia (flexible)

bullnose edge (standard)

enhanced grain

bullnose edge (flexible)

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