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porcelain pavers

With a sleek, modern appearance, our Italian-style porcelain pavers compliment any project. They’re resistant to scratches and staining, and have an R11 slip rating as used in shopping and child care centres. Great to use around pool areas and paths, and are strong enough for vehicle traffic with a road/sand base.

no sealing required | maintenance free | scratch & stain resistant

boutique porcelain pavers

Maison Design offers the largest range of Australian accredited porcelain pavers.
Sizes: Terrazzo 600x600x20mm, Pattern 600x600x10mm, Raw Travertine 600x400x20mm, Others 600x600x20mm, Travertine 600x400mm only, Silver Bloom (non-standard).

Plain Patterned Porcelain Paver
Plain Patterned
Grey Stone Mix Porcelain Paver
Grey Stone Mix
Vanilla Porcelain Paver
Anthracite Porcelain Paver
Diamond Nero Porcelain Paver
Diamond Nero
Charcoal Stone Mix Porcelain Paver
Charcoal Stone Mix
Granite Look Porcelain Paver
Granite Look
Stone Grey Porcelain Paver
Stone Grey
Terazzo Pearl Porcelain Paver
Terrazzo Pearl
Silver Travertine Porcelain Paver
Silver Travertine
Dark Stone Grey Porcelain Paver
Dark Stone Grey
Travertine Look Porcelain Paver
Travertine Look
Terazzo Silver Porcelain Paver
Terrazzo Silver
Dark Grey Wash Porcelain Paver
Dark Grey Wash
Light Stone Grey Porcelain Paver
Light Stone Grey
Silver Bloom Porcelain Paver
Silver Bloom
Light Grey Wash Porcelain Paver
Light Grey Wash
Beige Travertine Porcelain Paver
Beige Travertine
Solid Beige Porcelain Paver
Solid Beige
Beige Travertine Porcelain Paver - Non-Standard
Beige Travertine
Ivory Stone Mix Porcelain Paver
Ivory Stone Mix
Dusty Brown Porcelain Paver
Dusty Brown
Solid Grey Porcelain Paver
Solid Grey
Silver Travertine Porcelain Paver – Non-Standard
Silver Travertine

R11 Slip Rating | Maintenance Free | Does Not Require Sealing | Australian Accreditation | Scratch & Stain Resistant | Suitable For Vehicles

porcelain v natural stone

  • Natural Stone has varied levels of porosity, this means each stone will absorb moisture differently.
  • Porcelain is MAINTENANCE FREE and does not require sealing. Natural stone requires sealing and if outside, sealers break down due to the UV.
  • Porcelain is stronger than Natural Stone and in many cases cheaper.
  • Porcelain is also very precise in sizing making laying easier.

porcelain v concrete

  • Concrete is more porous than porcelain , more likely to create algae and staining.
  • Lighter and stronger than concrete, will not fade, bleach or go dull & powdery, porcelain is also precise in sizes where concrete can vary due to shrinkage during curing.

porcelain v ceramic

  • Porcelain are manufactured from far more refined and purified materials resulting in a stronger, more durable and less porous than ceramic.
  • Porcelain is coloured all the way through than having a surface colour, porcelain is more stain resistant than ceramic.
  • Ceramic is also prone to crack and break up in severe cold conditions, porcelain is fired & pressed providing a very dense product, ideal for exterior conditions.

porcelain v wood decking

  • Decking can become very slippery when wet, the R11 rating of the 20mm porcelain is ideal used in public spaces to this benefit.
  • Porcelain does not require sealing. Timber requires maintenance yearly when exposed outside.
  • There is a range in timber look porcelain.

porcelain sheets

Designed to impress, engineered for simplicity.

Polished and matt porcelain sheets recommended for wall, floor, splashbacks and drawer fronts.

paving and coping gallery

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cool underfoot reconstituted sandstone pavers

Local, handmade reconstituted sandstone pavers which improve with age. They have a 42mpa strength rating, are low slip and stains are removed easily. As the colour is consistent throughout the paver they will not bleach or go dull and powdery. Remaining cool underfoot (Sandstone and Latte) even on the hottest days, they are ideal for all outdoor areas, especially around pools.

cool to walk on | non-slip | easy to clean | hand crafted

Round Edge Sandstone Pavers
Round Edge Pavers

Featuring a rustic look, these hand made round edge pavers are reminiscent of European village artisans: original in design, with a grainy texture that provides a non-slip surface in wet areas and are cool to walk on (even in the full sun). Can be chemically or high pressure cleaned and will improve with age. Most stains like red wine are easily removed by bleach.

Available in pavers.

Sizes available:

Colours available:

Square Edge Sandstone Pavers
Square Edge Pavers

The square edge collection of Maison’s reconstituted sandstone paving range is perfect for the modern home. Featuring a smooth finish with a sharp square edge for the contemporary look.

Available in pavers and paving slabs.

Sizes available:


Colours available:
Sandstone, Latté, Industrial Grey and Charcoal

Designer Sandstone Pavers
Designer Pavers

This striking Gaudi designer pavers will add that wow factor to any outdoor area.

Available in pavers.

Sizes available:
Gaudi 590x510x50mm.

Colours available:
Sandstone, Natural, Industrial Grey, Charcoal, Latté

Small Format Pavers
Small Format Pavers

Maison’s small format pavers are suitable for driveways and heavy pedestrian traffic areas. They have a strength rating of over 42mpa. Tactile pavers in dot and stripe profiles.

Available in pavers.

Sizes available:
300x300x40mm (dot)
390x390x40mm (stripe)

Colours available:
Charcoal, Latté, Sandstone and Industrial Grey

customer testimonial

“Just had to let you know that the Maison paver has to be one of the best and most durable on the market. A few months ago I fertilised my plants which were overhanging my coping. Last weekend I trimmed my plants and was shocked to see the residue of the pelleted fertiliser had left some serious stains. I thought that they were ruined or at best would look terrible for months until the stains faded. Well, I remember that someone at Maison mentioned that bleach can clean these pavers and 2 hrs later and $2.00 of bleach and they are spotless… Almost impossible to believe if I had not done and seen it myself.

Love the product… Thanks to Maison … Cheers”

Maison Sandstone Paver Before


Maison Sandstone Pavers After


pool coping

Maison Design offers a large range of coping options for pools, steps and retaining wall toppers. Our coping is available in many shapes, sizes and profiles – add the perfect finish to your porcelain or sandstone pavers.

cool to walk on | non-slip | easy to clean | hand crafted

Smooth Bullnose Sandstone Pool Coping - Maison Design
Smooth Bullnose
Esperance Sandstone Pool Coping – Maison Design
Lisala Sandstone Pool Coping - Maison Design